Holden Street

from by Songs Become Water

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"Sometimes we are blind to our own beauty. Certain friends have the ability to see through all of our faults and find the good and the beautiful. My friends Reo and Liz have that gift. You probably know someone who possesses that gift; be sure to take the time to thank him or her.

Holden Street pays homage to those striving to see beauty. Holden Street also extends a quiet plea to live up to the good in ourselves. The words to Holden Street took shape on the pages of a tattered journal somewhere in the wilderness. The feelings and emotions grew over several walks in the wilderness with close friends. Eventually the feelings spilled out on paper."


"Perhaps the most pervasive theme in Hypnopompy is the desire to both perceive and project things the way they truly are. This desire is expressed in Holden Street as a wish; in With All My Love the desire is expressed by recounting a dream. The ability to portray ourselves, others, and the world around us as we really and fully are (no airbrush please!) is probably an elusive goal. Nonetheless, it is a goal that largely informs our art."



Looking at your photos is a habit that
I often try to break
I'm captured by your smile
expressions on your face

You were living poem
now scripture
that always speaks to me

People say a lot of things
hurtful things
but you're still a queen to me

You're still a queen to me

I can't help but see
your angel wings
they help you fly so high
Wish you had seen them too
seen through the stoney labels
placed on you

Mortal eyes forever shut
have blessed and opened mine
Lessons never told pervade my heart
forever transcend time

In a world of weeds
a world of weeds
we look for gardens for the soul

We look for gardens for the soul

I still live on Holden Street
Still live with songs and dreams
Here people pay taxes with honesty
and love for one another

We'll throw away the mirrors
for oft they lie
they don't show what's on the inside

And God and angels sing our names
sing us through the storm
And every stone that's cast will fall
short of breaking hearts

And if I had a wish
I'd throw if far into a fountain
so you could see the way you are

Wish you could see the way you are

Wish we could see the way we are


from Hypnopompy, released April 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Songs Become Water Salt Lake City, Utah

Songs Become Water is the work of Michael Escalante and Danny Jasperson.

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