Luna sin Moonlight

from by Songs Become Water

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"This song was born out of frantic desire to return to innocence without descending further into ignorance. For years, I struggled with whether or not to record the song. I felt like the lyrics expressed a more cynical view of innocence than I would have liked them to. At the same time, I didn't feel like I could change the lyrics without discounting the real and raw emotions I was feeling when I put pen to paper.

In 2009, a couple of years after writing the song, my son Noah was born. His birth restored in me a sense of wonder and amazement in the world that had long been missing and helped me to appreciate the beauty of pure hope, pure faith, and pure innocence.

These childlike emotions are encapsulated in the music box -the child's toy- heard throughout the song. They are woven together with the very real emotions of confusion, doubt, and disbelief. In order for the song to be complete (and as part of our creative quest for honesty) all those emotions needed to occupy the same space."


"Danny and I had a difficult time creating music that would add depth to the lyrics presented in Luna Sin Moonlight. We wanted to somehow invoke the collision of innocence, clarity, confusion, and hope. We struggled to find a lead instrument that would provide an adequate voice to the theme.

In 2009 Danny and his wife Emily had a beautiful baby boy. The Jaspersons received a jack-in-the-box that played the tune Pop Goes the Weasel as a baby gift. Shortly thereafter Danny called me and told me that he had recorded each note of Pop Goes the Weasel and had subsequently rearranged the notes to create the lead voice for Luna Sin Moonlight. I was blown away when I listened to what he had put together; the jack-in-the-box provided an ideal voice to the meaning of the song. I spent hours on the MPC creating rhythm tracks that would further the voice of the song. Eventually Luna evolved to its present state. I feel that this song begins to describe the tension that the cathartic release at the end of With All My Love seeks to resolve. I hope that any sincere seeker of truth will find this song both relevant and hope-inspiring."



Sometimes I want to see
beyond all this haze, and then
sometimes I wish I'd never
cared enough to open up my eyes

Once I wanted to see
beyond all these ink stains on the page
they slapped my fingers repeatedly
to purge me of the sin

Here's ancient wisdom
wrapped in polyethylene
a faith that's made to never decompose

And I like the clear nights
of luna sin moonlight
and how we're meant to wander
You kind of grow accustomed to it-

Everything is clearer
Everything is beautiful
Everyone is happier
When you start believing with no eyes

And I like the clear nights
of luna sin moonlight
and how we're meant to wander
you kind of grow accustomed to the dark

And out on clear night
of astros sin starlight
Ineffable and laughable
Nostalgic and indifferent

Everything is clearer
(everyone feels fear)
Everything is beautiful
(everything is futile)
Everyone is happier
(everyone is trapped in here)

When you start believing with no eyes


from Hypnopompy, released April 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Songs Become Water Salt Lake City, Utah

Songs Become Water is the work of Michael Escalante and Danny Jasperson.

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