With All My Love

from by Songs Become Water

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"This song was sincerely written with all my love. This is perhaps the most personal piece I have ever written. The song describes my quest to understand and feel peace with my relationship with the world. I invite listeners to absorb the imagery and recreate my dream in their own minds. This song both sobers and liberates me. It reminds of the things that are most important. I cannot sing it without feeling completely submersed in its message. It is my favorite song."


"I first read the lyrics to With All My Love through an email while sitting on the balcony of a high-rise in Shanghai. It was raining while I read it and it was one of the rare moments living in a city of 20 million in which I felt solitude. As I read, I was struck by how the words conveyed such concrete emotion while at the same time using such surreal imagery.

Those lyrics played a large part in prompting me to return to Utah and record this album. There were so many reasons for us not to invest the time and resources into getting this album out to the world. Responsibilities of family, work, and school have weighed heavily on both of us. To many of our patient loved ones, this project has always seemed quixotic, if not completely frivolous.

Despite all that, we felt like these songs needed to be heard. We share this and each of our songs with you with our sincerest love; knowing that we could never touch everyone, content with only touching anyone."



I had a dream and saw
hundreds of people
in a town by a dirty beach
and everyone was beautiful
but didn't know it

I tried to wave
but they didn't see me
still, I'm not sure I was seeing them

And in that dream
I tried to sing
and some of them heard but didn't feel
I wanted to sing their beauty
so I tried

and I'm not sure if I did

And I dreamt I was in a little rowboat
drifting away
watching the people on the shore
and everything was so real
but far...

I could feel it so close
I could hear it so close, and
I'm not sure if I could see anything
close up
or clear
but I think I want to
I think I want to

I think I want to...

And since I didn't have
a song to sing
for every living being on that shore
I sang one
for someone and everyone
with all my love

With all of my love

Knowing it could never touch everyone
content with only touching anyone
content with harmonizing with the breeze

The waves
moving me in sweet simplicity
as my song collects on drops of ocean mist

Watching as my song becomes water


from Hypnopompy, released April 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Songs Become Water Salt Lake City, Utah

Songs Become Water is the work of Michael Escalante and Danny Jasperson.

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